Our influencers will use their vast networks to amplify your brands and products online

Endorse the content you love. We have hundreds of influencers ready to boost your brand visibility.

Influencer shortlist

We have hundreds of influencers ready to promote products & services. We’ll recommend relevant influencers for your business.

Ensuring Authenticity

Working with our influencers, we ensure they are reaching genuine followers, not anonymous bots. 

Monitor Content

Once your influencer has posted content, we’ll send you a report with all the relevant data, including impressions and engagements. 

Influencer Marketing

Today’s consumers are notoriously choosy about their media consumption. Savvy social media users will select which platforms to utilise, whom to follow and what to engage in. At Ellis Digital Media, we recognise that influencers are a direct reflection of how followers self-select their media. Influencer marketing is based on an account that offers users content and messages they love. Your brand can become a natural part of that content, shaping the trends of popular modern culture. When positioned effectively, influencer brand messages look authentic, relevant and beautiful.

At Ellis Digital Media, we’ll provide you with the tools, network and expertise to deliver these messages in the most professional, transparent and sophisticated way. 

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