What is Retargeting?

Do you ever visit a website, then later see banners for that website following you around all over the web? This is retargeting. Nearly 96% of first-time visitors are not ready to purchase from your website when they first visit. In order to convert the visitor and make that sale, you need to encourage first time visitors on different marketing channels to return to your site. This is where retargeting is invaluable. By targeting existing prospects, it is likely to boost more engagement than un-targeted ads, making your campaign cheaper and more cost effective. For instance, Retargeted ads on Facebook are 76% more likely to get clicks than regular display ads. With Companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter now offer retargeting options you will be able to redirect people direct from their platform, to your site.

The reason this marketing strategy is effective is because you’re marketing to people who have already shown an interest in your products or services. This allows you to get more for your money. Each additional impression increases the chances that you will gain a new purchase. Re-targeting is also a great way to remind existing customers about your brand, you are able to show them similar items to the ones they have purchased or even just some new products. 72% of retargeting ads manage to re-entice existing customers as they have already built the trust with the company. 

Is my privacy safe?

Although an excellent way to supercharge marketing ROI, guidance is needed to keep you on the right side of your audience. With 80% of internet users admitting to having privacy concerns, a question that many people ask is about whether retargeting goes against privacy laws? In short, no they do not. So long as your website has a clear privacy policy regarding visitor data collection and cookies, it is perfectly legal and safe. 

What are the Benefits of Retargeting Ads?

Promotes Branding

Retargeting Ads easily enhance brand awareness by showing visitors the same content, logo and slogan repeatedly. This makes the brand/products hard to ignore. This visibility makes people remember the brand, make it memorable and therefore give it power.

Maximises the customer lifetime value

Online adverts mean your products or services stay on the visitor’s mind. Extending the amount of time, a prospect will remember your business increases the customers lifetime value. 

Cost effective 

As Retargeting Ads are focused on people more likely to buy, it makes PPC very economical. By narrowing the audience to the most interested website visitors who have not yet converted, makes it incredibly cost-effective

Increase in conversions 

A major benefit to retargeting is that it increases conversions. Simply put, a conversion rate is the process of ‘converting’ a visitor into a customer. The traffic a site receives transforms into leads. Encouraging customers to return to your website and then connect with the brand helps to cultivate leads, thus increasing conversions. Focus on people who show intent, serve them relevant ads and watch them return!

If this all seems a bit confusing to you, don’t worry, we are here to help. If you think your business would benefit from re-targeting drop us an email on info@ellis.digital or give us a call on 01932 301300.