Is re-targeting the future of advertising? 

There is plenty of discussion among the digital marketing community about Re-Targeting. Many believe it is the future of online advertising.

So what is re-targeting and how does it work? Re-targeting is the process of serving ads to online users who have already expressed an interest in your website, through the use of cookies. The cookies provide anonymised tracking  (they don’t track the details of the user), meaning that when they click outside of your website, the targeted ads they see will bring them back to you and convert a potential client into a client. Re-targeting helps to reduce the money wasted on serving ads to people who are unlikely to even consider using your product or service.

B2B companies providing services are the perfect candidates for re-targeting. Recruiters can use it as a way to ensure that the best talent is being reminded to enlist for your agency. Event businesses can use re-targeting to drive ticket sales.  

It can be hard to achieve the optimal approach to re-targeting. It can often do more harm than good if it is not approached carefully. A carefully managed approach, however, creates promising leads at a more competitive cost, compared to other advertising campaigns.

Here at Ellis Digital Media, we would be delighted to help guide you on how to approach an effective re-targeting campaign.