There are a lot of myths out there as to how Search Engine Optimisation works and the role social media can and can’t play in the process. 

Social media marketing and SEO are often thought to fall under the same “digital marketing” umbrella. It has been a continuous debate in the digital marketing sector. However the relationship between the two is not the same. 

It is necessary to understand that the amount of people interacting daily on social media platforms is increasing and therefore justifies the incline of social media marketing by businesses. Social media is the place to attract consumers before they even know they’re looking. However, this does not make SEO any less significant. This is key for increasing organic traffic. 

Seeing as social media is part of the overall online ecosystem it does have a role in the process, but it’s important to note that Google still doesn’t factor in associated social media performance directly. If it was possible to get your page to rank higher on social media links alone, everyone would just be posting links to their websites on their social media platforms. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of factors Google looks at, with the two strongest being backlinks and page content. 

It is often assumed that google uses social signals, for example, the amount of likes you get on facebook or how many followers you have on Instagram, this is not a direct factor influencing your ranking. Google can’t actually access all the data on social platforms so it isn’t as reliable as people think when it comes to SEO.  Privacy restrictions and system limitation stop google crawlers accessing all the relevant information. Getting more likes on a post may improve your ranking but this relates to the individual platforms and not Google. Google doesn’t index all posts so focusing on this will not improve your SEO. 

Keywords used on facebook or twitter pages will have little to no effect on your website’s SEO. 

However, we recommend that you regularly update your social media platforms as a business. They are a free way to get your company and content out there to a large audience so why wouldn’t you want to use it?! It’s useful but by no means a replacement for classic SEO strategies. They work side by side but not directly together. 

In addition, we would recommend you list your business on local directories and take advantage of citations. The more listings your business has the better your ranking. More on this in the next blog. 

What you need to take away from this is that while using social media may not increase your websites SEO, it is another outlet for you to vocalise your expertise and business. Links to your accounts will appear in the search results alongside your actual website. 

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