Over the last 10 years, technology has changed rapidly and significantly. we’re looking at ways to help future-proof your social media strategy.

The social media ecosystem is complex at the best of times, without considering future potential events and their effects. However, there is some general advice we can offer on making sure your social media strategy is robust enough to survive the future.

To do this, we have to look at the current threats to social media strategies and how to ensure these don’t become something that adversely impacts your business or brand.

At the moment the biggest threats that face any company and its social media marketing is competition alongside consumer preferences and technology.

Competition remains a multi-faceted threat to any business. If a competitor can offer your service in a different, more effective or cheaper way, then very quickly you will lose your USP or market share. The same applies to Social media.

Consumer preferences and the technology available to them is in constant flux. A prime example of this is the social media platforms that were prevalent as recent as 10 years ago, such as Bebo and Myspace – which are now totally obsolete. The same parallels could be drawn with Blockbuster and Netflix. Obsolescence could just as easily happen to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, if these platforms don’t adjust to the changing needs and demands of its users. Even if the technology stays the same, the users may their change social media habits for any number of reasons, including mistrust of the companies. Just look at the scrutiny of Facebook’s data privacy at the moment. Social media is now a way of life, and its platforms are no different to any regular business – having to adapt to survive.

The key to solving these issues is preparing, in advance, for a variety of possible outcomes. The best advice for this approach is to invest in multiple forms of social media, staying ahead of the trends. By doing this, as one platform wanes and another platform becomes more popular, you will remain at the forefront of any social media developments.

Investing time in your audiences is also pivotal to ensuring that you increase organic follower growth. If you regularly post information and news about your products and services, people will become more familiar with using social media for information and are far less likely to abandon your social media channels. For companies without websites, social media is the most effective way to spread information.

You need to be where your customers are, and with social media very much in the spotlight, time invested in your brand’s social media presence is highly valuable.

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