We all know what an email is. They have been around for years. To most, they are a part of everyday life, some people will even check their emails up to 20 times a day. Having been around for so long, they have managed to remain and adapt in the fast moving industry. However with the rise in social media and other online platforms, some people have deserted email marketing for newer strategies. But is email marketing still worth all the effort? We are going to explore this and find out if it should remain a big part in society and business. 

What is email marketing? 

It is simply, an email sent from one business to one or more customers. They can be used to develop and build relationships with potential customers and clients but can also very easily drive them away. You need to find the right balance for you as a business. An effective email marketing campaign will get the recipients to take action and engage with your business. They can easily turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. No matter what age you are targeting or the location of your customer, email remains a great way to connect with your audience.

Why is email marketing important?

We believe email marketing is an essential tool for attracting and retaining customers. It is one of the easiest ways to reach and engage a large target audience. With email marketing, you can filter your emails database based on many different things, including location and demographics. This allows you to target your emails on the needs and interests of your customers. 

Despite the recent increase in social media consumption, the majority of teenagers are still using email. 99% of people will check their emails daily, but this can’t be said for other communication channels. Having been around for years, it is a very stable platform. It continues to evolve to keep up with the industry, making it a timeless platform for all to use and a must for marketers wanting to stay relevant.

In addition, emails aren’t owned or controlled by anyone, it’s an open communication platform, unlike social media platforms. They’re a cost effective way to advertise compared to traditional marketing forms, as there are no fees for postage, ad space etc. You are also able to track your campaigns success by looking at engagement, open rate and clicks etc. These give you an insight into your customers behaviours and interests. Emails tend to reach roughly 85% of your intended audience, so email marketing remains an essential part to your marketing strategy, with the average open rate being 22.7%. Comparing this to social media, the average engagement rate is roughly 1.6%. 

However it isn’t all plain sailing. It is important to understand that many emails get sent as classified spam, so your email may not actually reach your recipients inbox. Recipients have the power to get rid of any emails ‘cluttering’ their inboxes. It is said that only 14% of subscribers believe that more than half of their emails in their inbox are useful to them. This is where the importance of content and frequency comes in. Although emails continue to evolve, they are getting clever. They are now able to place incoming emails into folders as soon as they reach your inbox. The majority of people will only check their primary inbox and discard any others. 

What makes an effective email marketing campaign? 

Inboxes are a busy place. With over 270 billion emails sent a day, there is a lot of competition when it comes to getting your audience’s attention. It is essential to have an effective email campaign so it entices your target audience once it reaches them.

You should keep in mind the following when creating an email campaign.


Make sure to fill your emails with lots of interesting graphics. Visuals are a great way to catch the eye of the recipient and help them quickly grasp what you’re talking about. 


Make sure your emails are designed for all devices so recipients can read their emails on desktops, tablets and smartphones. With more and more people using smartphones to check their emails it is important for the email design to look good on any device. 


Try and personalise emails for the reader. You can target particular groups of customers or specific individuals. For example offering a special birthday deal. The recipient will feel special and more likely want to ‘interact’ and therefore allows you to maintain and develop relationships.

Subject line

Roughly 30% of people choose to open an email solely based on the subject line. So it is important to create a captivating subject line to encourage your audience to find out more. 


How often you send an email can be very important. Sending 5 emails a day will lead your customers to unsubscribe, as it will clutter their inbox. However, 1 email every 5 months could lead to people forgetting you. Maintaining this balance is very important in retaining subscribers. 

It is important to know the aim of your email campaign prior to writing it. This message has to be heard loud and clear in your email for it to be effective. There are various communication strategies in email marketing, these are:


This is the most traditional strategy. This is used to promote products or announce any promotions you may be running. The goal of this email is to make money. This type of email aims to encourage spontaneous behaviour from customers whist purchasing. 


This method is used to retain customers. The aim of this is to promote relationships between the brand and customers this could be a loyalty scheme or personalised emails. This eventually will generate more sales.


This email has the intention to inform clients. For example, any upcoming events or any recent blogs posted by the company. 

Our thoughts 

To answer the question, is email marketing still an effective strategy? Yes it is. Emails continue to be one of the simplest and most effective methods of marketing. Yes, there are so many other platforms out there now, but some of these don’t quite compare to email marketing. Even as the shift in online trends has moved from desktop to hand-held devices, there remains plenty of room for email marketing. Millions of businesses continue to use email as a successful way to promote themselves. It is far from a dying platform and will continue to evolve for years to come. 

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