Instagram is testing a new setting to make it easier to unfollow people. Currently, there is no guarantee that the feature would be ready for the masses in the future. 

The aim is to make it easier for users to manage the accounts they follow on Instagram. The photo sharing platform has started testing a feature to group followers into categories and help them chose who to unfollow.  This was spotted by Jane Manchum Wong, an app researcher who tweeted about the possible feature that discussed the potential ‘Least interacted with’ and ‘Most shown in feed’ filter. 

Instagram’s feed is currently based on an algorithm where it shows accounts that you interact with most frequently at the top. The assumption is that these accounts mean the most to you, or you enjoy seeing, so places it in prime viewing location.  There would be accounts that you are no longer interested in or are not as relevant as they were previously that you may no longer want to see. It may be time to unfollow these accounts if you are looking to clean up your following list.

This feature would give you the ability to do just that. You would be able to go through accounts you don’t interact with much, and unfollow some to clear out your list. It is undeniable that if you have been on instagram for long enough, you will have racked up some unwanted accounts on your timeline, this could be old acquaintances , fake accounts, inactive accounts or simply people you have no interest in following anymore.

This feature will help you also segregate accounts based on interests such as sports, design, fashion and memes. This feature is similar to Twitter lists, which can be useful when creating alternative feeds.

There is still no guarantee this feature is going to be implemented, but the possibility of being able to easily clean up your followers is a definitely a new and exciting prospect. 

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