Yes, we’re talking about the coronavirus. You are probably fed up of hearing about it every second of everyday, but unfortunately it is here to stay. It’s not only impacting the health of people, but also the economy.  With the virus spreading at a disturbing rate and businesses being affected globally, it’s time to take action. Companies are beginning to carry out measures to reduce the impact, but what should these be? There is a lot of uncertainty regarding business and global advertising and therefore a major shift for the industry is arising. The virus however, is likely to boost digital consumption as people are spending more time at home and are encouraged to cut down real human interaction. As unfortunate as all of the above, with the failing economy we need to focus on the businesses who can benefit from this crisis. If you are wondering ‘Could this be me?’ Please give this a read. 

Why is digital marketing necessary? 

Digital marketing is an effective way to stay in contact with the outside world and your customers. It doesn’t involve face-to-face contact, which is ideal at a time like this. It’s also measurable so marketers are able to get a good picture of the activity, spending rate, clicks and what generates the highest leads. It’s important to be aware and keep up with how the markets are changing and how this might affect your SEO and social channels, with clicks, volume, impressions and costs. Strengthening your focus on your digital status will allow you to maintain a sense of normality during the uncertain weeks ahead, as well as, help minimise any risk. 

Will E-commerce businesses see a boost? 

It’s hard to calculate at this stage. You can look at it in two different ways. On one hand, with people self isolating and businesses suffering, people are trying to save money and therefore the number of purchases will slowly decrease.  Although, it is possible that E-commerce businesses will peak now while people are panic buying and avoiding contact with the supermarkets. E-commerce businesses should benefit from this crisis as everybody will be going online to find the products they need in order to reduce the risk they face when leaving the house. Businesses who sell these products will continue to benefit unless the virus progresses and it is no longer safe for their staff to fulfil the orders.

How will businesses benefit from using social media platforms?

With more and more people self-isolating at home, people will be using phones, laptops, tablets etc a lot more than normal, so the consumption and use of social media platforms should dramatically increase. Any business with access to social media, websites, mass emails, ads, or SEO should benefit, however, this may not necessarily mean money in the bank, this could be increasing your brand’s awareness, or by bettering your reputation. Businesses not only need to consider what is going on now, but think of things they can do to build a better name for themselves so people remember them once this is all over. 

Certain businesses won’t benefit from digital marketing as much as others. But needless to say it still remains a very important tool at this time as people will be moving online to avoid public spaces. It’s also important to note that specific items will remain extremely popular throughout this crisis and therefore these sellers will benefit from social platforms. This pandemic will definitely change how we will be spending money for months to come. Many companies will experience both product shortages and some, a decline in customer demand, therefore increasing the importance for digital media to boost your business. 

Businesses need to utilise and push all their assets to encourage and support consumer demand, this will include maintaining and even increasing their methods of digital marketing. This time will allow you to explore digital alternatives. 

Things that will improve your digital presence:

  • Regularly updating Website Content
  • SEO
  • Posting on all Social Channels
  • Writing blogs
  • Engaging with followers and accounts via Social Media

In a time like this, it is important to monitor comments and keep your clients reassured and informed with what it going on with your company. Transparency in businesses is not a trait that your customers will forget.  It’s an important time for everyone. Communicating efficiently and effectively will be key to maintaining relationships with your customers. Social media and emails will play a crucial part in your communication.  These enable you to reach a large audience at one time. With more people on their phones, the digital market has potential to soar.

Our thoughts

Now is the time to be enforcing digital marketing. We believe that at this time it’s key to focus and strengthen your digital presence as it is going to be vital to keep your business up and running. With people trapped or advised to stay indoors, online activity is booming.

We are offering a free hour’s consultation to all local businesses who may be struggling during this very difficult time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our experts will be more than happy to help you get back on your feet. 

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