At Facebooks F8’s developers conference, CEO Mark Zuckerburg has just announced that Facebook will be facing a complete makeover. Facebook will be redesigned to become a “private social platform.”

Facebook revealed that they could face a fine up to $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission due to the mishandling of user data – it is said that the recent allegations against Facebook may have inspired this drastic change in the social platform.

Mark Zuckerburg now believes that ‘the future is private.’ Facebook will be built with encryption technology that makes messaging and content sharing in private groups indecipherable to anyone other than the sender and recipients themselves. He wishes for Facebook to become a ‘lively and modern’ platform with the same security you would feel when speaking with friends in your living room. We can see in the preview he has even stripped Facebook from its previous famous blue theme. Facebook wish that with this re-design that they can rescue the company’s recent reputation and allow users to feel secure again when using it.

Not only have they changed the visual look of Facebook, but they also plan to add new tools which will make it easier for users to be a part of groups. The new Facebook will have an improved discovery tool, this will give users better recommendations and allow them to find new groups which are personally tailored to their interests.

Facebook has announced that they will have new features targeted to different types of groups, for example, ‘Health Support’ groups will be able to ask questions or post information without having to reveal their identity. Mark Zuckerburg wishes to encourage the use of Messenger and private communication in groups. This major shift is an effort to encourage communities to be as ‘central as facebook friends’.

For Facebook business, they aim to increase the ability for businesses to sell directly to Facebooks 2.2 billion users- this will come hand in hand once Facebook groups become more intimate and accurately tailored to its users real interests. Facebook is looking to introduce more e-commerce and for users to be able to view products from advertising on Facebook and Instagram and buy them directly from Messenger and Whatsapp.

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