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South West London Waste Partnership

The South West London Waste Partnership is comprised of four local councils working together to provide improved and more cost-effective waste management services to their residents.

The Brief

The South West London Waste Partnership wanted to raise awareness in young people, to encourage them to recycle their plastic waste. They got in touch with Ellis Digital Media who were able to recommend Facebook and Instagram as the optimal platforms to reach their target audience of 16-34 year olds in the South West London area, using a campaign of specific adverts. A video was provided by Recycle London, which was then edited and optimised for social media exposure by Ellis Digital Media.

Ellis Digital Media worked with the South West London Waste Partnership to create short, engaging posts to support the video creative, conveying a simple, effective message that prompted viewers to think differently about their plastic waste.

The results?

Ellis Digital Media were able to provide detailed results data to the South West London Waste Partnership on the number, demographic and duration of viewers. The Plastic Planet campaign reached over 150,000 users in South West London, served nearly 1 million impressions, and generated nearly 150,000 views of 10 seconds or more. The key to achieving reach was applying the science behind targeting the intended demographic, and Ellis Digital Media’s experience in this area reaped rewards for the successful campaign.

The Plastic Planet campaign far exceeded its initial targets, was positively received by social media users and delivered a significant return on investment. Ellis Digital Media also provided the South West London Waste Partnership with a comprehensive outputs report, featuring actionable recommendations for future campaigns.

HG Wells

The HG Wells Conference Centre has been in business in the heart of Woking’s town centre for over 25 years. With the pace of change stepping up in Woking, as part of the Council’s ambitious regeneration programme, the centre’s innovative Sales Manager knew that they needed to try something new to stay ahead.

The Brief

Social media can be daunting, so HG Wells approached Ellis Digital Media for a no-obligation discussion, outlining their business goals. HG Wells wanted to reach a different demographic to their traditional client database, and build a digital presence for the brand online. Ellis Digital Media worked to create a bespoke package utilising the recommended platforms that would engage the local community and businesses.

Michelle worked with a dedicated Account Director from Ellis Digital Media to build a social media strategy that capitalised on the centre’s USP, generated interest from a new, younger demographic, and appealed to local businesses for corporate events and parties.

Every single day, fresh, original content has been produced by Ellis Digital Media that reflects current trends, showcases the venue and its myriad events, and encourages audience interaction. Monthly analytic reports demonstrated the data behind the posts and enabled the team to fine tune the strategy, concentrating on posts and content that proved popular with audiences.

The results?

An engaging digital presence for HG Wells, that reflects the culture and personality of its versatile space and services.

Content that differentiates HG Wells from its competitors, stimulating client and community interest in the venue and its amenities.

Peace of mind and brand safeguarding for the HG Wells team, with professional pages managed by a dedicated team who respond to all comments and queries, or escalating any concerns direct to the HG Wells team for resolution.

An increase in followers and fans, meaning a captive audience to promote specific sales messages, generate bookings and drive revenue for HG Wells.

Woking Food & Drink Festival

Following the success of the HG Wells brand account, Woking Borough Council got in contact with Ellis Digital Media ahead of 2018’s annual Woking Food & Drink Festival.

The Brief

Woking Borough Council were keen to utilise social media in order to boost the visitor numbers at the event. A huge amount of work goes in to organising and delivering Woking’s flagship event, featuring celebrity chefs, local businesses and a whole range of activities across 3 days in the last weekend of the summer. A key objective of the social media campaign was to increase visitor numbers, following the previous 6 successful years.

Ellis Digital Media’s expert content creators worked closely with Woking Borough Council’s Marketing team, to design a social media strategy delivering regular, topical content in the 8 weeks before the award-winning event. The team published pictures, stories, videos and articles that showcased the wide range of activities planned for the event. An important element of the social media was the text’s tone of voice, and Ellis Digital Media’s copywriters worked to refine the copy to ensure it reflected the vibrant and inclusive ethos of the event. The efforts didn’t stop there. The experienced content team proactively managed the responses and interactions on the page, ensuring that fans who contacted were rewarded with a meaningful response to their comment or query.

Supporting the regular content production, Ellis Digital Media’s advertising specialists also delivered a suite of social media adverts to reach the intended demographic of local residents, families and people with an interest in food and drink. The trackable adverts delivered a competitive cost-per-click rate, which kept the campaign within budget and attracted the target demographic. Ellis Digital Media also ran a re-targeting campaign, displaying adverts to online users who had recently visited the Woking Food & Drink Festival website or Facebook page, in order to sustain interest in the event.

The results?

Woking Food & Drink Festival reprised their Surrey Life Magazine Food & Drink Award, for a fourth consecutive year.

The event saw record numbers of visitors, who flocked to Woking in their thousands over the 3 days, generating valuable publicity and commerce for local businesses and organisations.