Dave and Finn, who have recently starred on Britains Got Talent, have been under the management of Ellis Digital Media since the very start of their Journey. 
Dave is a full-time police officer and Finn is his retired Police dog. In 2016 Finn was stabbed on duty jumping in front of a knife to protect Dave and is very lucky to be alive today. The criminal who did this received no prison sentence as there was no law in place to protect service animals. Dave and Finn worked together every day for 7 years, the bond they share is truly unbreakable. 
Since the attack, Dave and Finn have worked tirelessly to raise awareness and change the law to protect these service animals who protect our country every day. The law will become active on June the 8th.
Not only have they changed the law, and have starred on Britains got Talent, they also  have produced a best selling book called Fabulous Finn where they tell their beautiful story.
Dave and Finn appeared on Britains Got Talent to share their story with the public and to showcase how incredible police dogs really are. Since their first audition, the public response has been incredible. Their first audition has over 14 million views online and their story really touched the nations, and the judge’s hearts. Simon Cowell was reduced to tears.
Dave and Finn got through to the Semi-finals of Britains got talent and wowed the judges once again. Dave and Finn showed that they had been focusing on the future of police dogs and service animals the entire time. This performance won the first Semi-Final of Britains Got Talent and got them through to the Final. 
Throughout their journey on Britains Got Talent, they have appeared in multiple newspapers and have done multiple interviews. Dave and Finn appeared on This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. They also very recently appeared on a morning chat show, Lorraine, with Carol Vorderman where Sebastian Ellis, the director and founder of Ellis Digital Media, was mentioned as the person who introduced the idea of Britains Got Talent to Dave. 
In the Final of Britains Got Talent, Dave and Finn opened the show! For the last time, they put on an incredible performance and did everyone so proud. At the end of their performance, we had a surprise for Dave and Finn which we had organised with Britains Got Talent. Rob Adams, the vet who saved Finn’s life, was watching in the audience. Dave and Finn got a standing ovation from the entire audience and all four of the judges.
Unfortunately, Dave and Finn did not win the Final of Britains got Talent but the winner this year was more than worthy of the BGT crown, the winner was contestant Colin Thackery, a Chelsea pensioner.
The journey we have been on with Dave and Finn is incredible. Dave and Finn have achieved so much and have been able to share their story with the world, publicise the amazing work of police dogs and have been able to educate the nation on Finn’s Law. We are so happy to have been by their side every step of the way and incredibly proud of how far they have come.
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