Advertising is everywhere these days, so how do you go about standing out from the crowd? We’ve put together our three top tips for creating the best ads and getting the best interaction

In our experience across the digital industry, we’ve seen many different approaches to advertising. Some have been great and a real success, while others have proved to be a flop. Our guide is here to help everyone. While one size doesn’t fit all, our advice will certainly make your advert more consumer focused.

1. Target your audience

Focus on your target market. What are their specific features or requirements? Ads should be designed to increase sales and traffic. This is hard to do with one advert, so it may be worth segmenting your audience and creating bespoke adverts for specific sub-groups.

2. Think about the consumer’s intentions

Your intention as a business will be to sell your product or service, however with social media, that’s only half the picture. Sometimes, there is an overwhelming desire to sell, when businesses should also be focusing on interaction. The less pressure you put on the potential consumers with the digital version of the ‘hard-sell’, the more likely they are to ultimately purchase the product or service you’re promoting.

By enticing someone to start by clicking on your website out of intrigue, then they will more readily digest additional information surrounding the product or service. From there, you are much more likely to be able to convert a potential client into a happy client.

3. Visuals are key

It’s tough to be creative when your average online viewer will be subject to 5,000 messages and ads a day. As a user, it can feel overwhelming, and as consequences, digital detoxes such as Scroll-Free September, are becoming more popular.

To make visual content simple you need to make it memorable, don’t overcrowd your ad, incorporate interaction (if possible) and use colour effectively.

Memorable ads can either be the boldest, or the most simple. There is no right or wrong answer, however, it does need to stand out for being different.

Simplicity is so effective when it comes to advertising. A lot of adverts provide too much information, without the space to display it all effectively, which ends up affecting the advert overall. When designing your ad, try to keep text to a minimum while engaging the audience and making them think about your brand, product or service.

Involving the audience in your advert will certainly help with interaction. Something as simple as a hover transition can increase audience interaction and stimulate curiosity.

Some of the best adverts use colour and space effectively. In fact, negative space is becoming a focus for some graphic designers, as it uses space in a way that naturally attracts attention. Bright colours don’t necessarily guarantee that it will attract people and be successful, while subtlety can also help attract and engage audience members.